vivo y12 The Best Phone For Any Traveler


With the new generation of smartphones coming out, we all are wondering which phone can come out as the “best.” This is a difficult task because everyone wants something that will work the best and also be the cheapest. The Vivo Y12 might be the phone that comes out as the best among them. At first, it might seem that this device comes expensive but that is not necessarily true. Just look at the price of most smartphone makers and you will notice how competitive they are.

When it comes to camera phones, there are many great options available today. You have the LG Idol, iPhone 6 and then there are the Nokia E71 and the HTC Desire. The  Vivo Y12 however might just be vivo y12 the one that surpasses all of these competition. It comes with a single camera set on the back that has 13 MP and 8 MP cameras plus a Laser mode so you can take great portraits, panoramic shots, and videos in the shape of beautiful images. Other features on the back include Auto flash, Digital Zoom, Face recognition, touch screen, and HTC Emotion Engine.

If you want to buy a fantastic phone for an affordable price, the Vivo Y12 could be one of the phones that you should consider. There are many perks on this smartphone that make it a great product to buy. For instance, it comes with two sims that allow you to have two separate accounts. This means that when you go out on a trip or a business trip and want to check in with your family, friends, or contacts, you won’t have to use your personal phone. With the two sims that come with this phone, you won’t have to worry about missing a call or send a text message because the phone will always know who you need to contact. This is a great perk and this is why the vivo y12 review helpful.

The battery on the vivo y12 lasts for an entire day and then goes dead. This shouldn’t be a problem since the phone has a 5000 mah battery. Another perk on this phone is that it will charge completely in just a few minutes. This can be very helpful when you are working on something and don’t have time to wait for your device to charge. If you want to have this kind of phone, you should know that the vivo y12 review helpful recommends this handset.

The build quality of this device is top notch. The body of the phone is made from aluminum which provides a high level of durability. The two sides of this handset have smooth curves which provide a nice look. The two cameras are placed on either the left or right for easy access. Users have reported that the vivo y12 has a nice audio quality and this can be seen in the YouTube video in the android website.

Some users complain about the lack of memory on this handset but that can be remedied by upgrading to a higher model. Other users have reported that they are satisfied with the performance of the vivo y12. There is also a secondary camera available which will allow you to take a video while the primary camera is not being used. You can download videos on the go and this can be a great addition to this handset.